Tuesday, July 12, 2011

r. o. c. k. --in the-- u. s. a.

Did you know that on average women cry once a week? I heard or read that once and thought- ahhhh so I'm normal! Who cares if it is true; it makes sense to me. As for this week, the week of my departure back to Romania, my crying quota has been exceeded by far. There is just too much love and happiness coupled with too much hurt at the thought of missing the days and weeks that will make up 1 year of my familys' lives. I crack. I totally and completely can't hold it together...I cry. It hurts to stretch my heart across continents but perhaps these are just growing pains. In any case I'm all the richer for it.

Tomorrow I'll board a plane back to Europe, back to Cata, to friends and family. The adventure continues. For now, here are a few slices of American life:

Careful, Roland Jr. is a heartbreaker.
Father's day. Sisters from left: Veronica, Vanessa, Vivian, Valerie.

Looks a little different than Vama.

Right before the big event.

Surfer dude.

I think he loves wiping out as much as riding the waves.

Lunch at Jason's Deli with my mom. Guess what we ate? SOUP AND SANDWICH!

Dad: "Do I have any white on my face?"  :)

Alyssa after her first swimming lesson.

Palm trees are everywhere - South Padre Island, Texas.


Cat Szalkowski says:
at: August 15, 2011 at 8:32 PM said...

oh lady, I understand your heartache so! You are absolutely right, are richer for the wonderful places you can call home and the beautiful people you call family on both sides of the world. Enjoy your time in Romania with Cata!

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Boy moves to Romania,
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