Saturday, January 15, 2011


Mexicanca translates to Mexican (female) in Romanian. This Mexican female was ready to cause a revolution in Bucharest yesterday. "I refuse to believe that there are no tortillas of any kind in Bucharest" I told Cata. How could it be?! My chicken taco dinner, already half prepared, was in peril. The chicken and rice were taken care of, we just needed tortillas. You know that aisle in the grocery store that has international foods? Almost non-existent in Bucharest.

Things were looking worse after I realized that corn flour, used to make corn tortillas, is not created equal. Normal corn flour will not work, it must be Masa (the corn is treated with lime before being ground). I was more than willing to make my own corn tortillas if necessary. No Masa at our local Carrefour. Luckily we found flour tortillas sandwiched in between lots of Asian food products. Success! Taco night was saved, although I still have a craving for corn tortillas.

*UPDATE: Tonight we stopped by the market and picked up limes (instead of the lemon we had yesterday) and sour cream. They made all the difference. Taco night round two was even better. Yummm


at: January 21, 2011 at 5:28 PM said...

A) I just discovered your abroad blog and I'm so happy you're getting along okay.

B) I love that you're shopping at Carrefour, something I'd never heard of until Ben moved to Shanghai and also talks about emergency runs there.

Vivian says:
at: January 23, 2011 at 10:26 AM said...

Glad you found my blog! It is going to be my visual diary for the trip. Up next is a post on Medias, Catalin's hometown. Snow everywhere.

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