Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Filme Brici - Doc Film Fest hits Bucharest

A few weeks ago I had a rare moment where I got giddy with excitement about something going on in the city. As much as this is a a large happening metropolitan area I have had a tough time finding fun and interesting things to do around here that A) don't cost a fortune and B) don't involve the usual eat+drink+ talk formula. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy that formula but I also enjoy mixing things up. Admittedly it is harder to know about all the 'goings on' if you're not a local/fluent Romanian speaker.

Back to the point: One World Romania Documentary Film Festival rolled into town and I was thrilled. I'm a sucker for documentary films especially after having experienced the magic of the True/False Documentary Film Fest back when I lived in Columbia, Missouri. Not everything in the line-up attracted me but I was willing to buy a 5 film pass (I ended up seeing a few more than that for free!). 

Best in Show: Our School 
Hands down Scoala Noastra - translation Our School -was the best film out of this festival for me. It was a difficult story to watch but the quality of storytelling itself was superb. Here is the movie trailer and link to the website which lists upcoming screenings. 

Second Best: Life in Stills
Life in Stills is the kind of film that makes you laugh and cry profusely. I enjoyed watching the drama unfold in this story and seeing the hilarious relationship between a grumpy 96 year-old woman and her grandson who works with her in the photo shop.  Again, check the website to find screenings. They're also selling the dvd.

What does 'filme brici' mean? According to my official translator brici [breeech] means sharp as in smart/stylish. So these were sharp films in that sense of the word. After a week of films, a free t-shirt, and lots of movie snacks- I agree wholeheartedly.


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