Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Goodbye Miss, Hello Paris

We did it!  On September 30th 2011, Catalin and I went to the courthouse and were legally wed. I  know this took a lot of our friends/family by surprise so I'll take this time to explain a bit. Many people were not invited to our civil ceremony in Bucharest because we will be having a larger, more traditional, wedding ceremony in Texas (where we'll be married by the church). In short, this was one part of a two part series. And what a lovely part it was: 

*All photos were taken by friend and photographer Bogdan Dinca:


Signing with my new last name for the first time.

A bit giddy after the ceremony.
Update: I forgot to include a beautiful video our dear friend Bogdan made for us as a gift since he could not be with us on that day. I'm posting it for you to enjoy but also that I will always have a link to it---here it is:

Vivian & Catalin are getting married! from Bogdan Stamatin on Vimeo.

After all the fun we took off on a trip to Paris. Which leads me to my next post...


My story:

Girl meets boy.
Love strikes.
Boy moves to Romania,
girl (now engaged) follows suit.

I'll be living abroad for the first time in my life beginning January 11th 2011. Follow this blog if you want to see my adventures.