Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Strange things at the Antipa Museum of Natural History

I did a bad bad bad thing (cue music). One afternoon we visited the Antipa Museum of Natural History and upon seeing their displays I kind of broke their no photo policy...a lot. Trust me I don't make a habit of breaking museum rules especially at art museums but I couldn't fight the urge to document and share the crazy things inside this museum. The set ups are pretty cool to look at and in some cases (see wild-eyed cat below) they are just plain hilarious. Some of these animals are very old so I'm guessing they've had some patch jobs done (read: oddly placed eyeballs, lumpy facial structure and/or missing clumps of fur). It was a quirky yet fun afternoon. If you go a few hours before closing like we did you'll practically have the place to yourself.
Here's what I captured with my super stealth spy gear (aka my camera phone):


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Boy moves to Romania,
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