Monday, May 28, 2012

Night of Museums - Noaptea Muzeelor

Grand staircase of the former royal palace (now the National Art Museum) about 4am. Photo by Catalin Abagiu

Center images from left: A)Three amigos at Que Pasa bar. Photo/Mihai Barbu B)Me after getting completely puddle splashed by a passing car. C) Inside the National Art Museum
After being told no photos allowed in the art museum. I was the only journalist (of the three of us) without a press pass.  Thus, Cata could take this picture but I couldn't! 

I've participated in Night of Museums twice since moving to Bucharest. It feels like everyone is out on the streets walking, talking, and lining up to enter one of several museums open all night. Free transportation is offered to all the museums as well. What could go wrong you might ask? Well entry lines are much longer, the museums are packed and you may not get to enjoy the displays very much due to noise and crowds. That is exactly what happened to me last year. After waiting in line, enduring a rude vendor's unfounded reprimands, and being shoved one too many times Cata and I went home kind of defeated. Never again, I thought. Then came round two! This year we knew the lines would be crazy so there was no surprise there. The difference was that instead of heading straight for the museums we went straight to the bar. After few drinks with friends and a few hours after midnight we were ready to check out whatever museum had the shortest line. Despite living a stone's throw from the National Art Museum (aka former royal palace) I'd never visited. It took less than five minutes to get in and a good hour to wander the sparsely populated rooms. Noise was at a minimum, I am happy to report. I could have stayed longer but to be honest I was getting kind of sleepy by 4a.m. It was a fun night and I do recommend taking part in Night of the Museums just find a way to make it enjoyable vs miserable :)


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